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Tif Tiffy was established in Herning, Denmark by Kirsten Frandsen in 2007.


Tif Tiffy is our brand, our life, our passion and contribution to women's individuality and right to stand out from the crowd. We understand what women need in order to feel unique and yet appear stylish. We design high-end accessories with a feminine palette of colours and unique, artful prints in quality fabrics and modern designs. Tif Tiffy's collections are designed to encourage women to express their individuality and be proud of it.


Wearing Tif Tiffy, women should feel comfortable and full of self-confidence, ready to conquer the world, armed with good quality.


Tif Tiffy only uses the best quality fabrics we can get our hands on. Whether it is cashmere, merino wool, silk, micro modal or the finest cotton - we have it all.


The most important feature of Tif Tiffy accessories is the comfort you feel while wearing it.


Marla MODE UND MANUFAKTUR - Dijonstr. 32 - 55122 Mainz-Münchfeld - Fon 06131/622 1888 -  Mobil 0172/613 67 84

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